Hello fellow humans! Today I write in English instead of German, because the materials I have to share are in English, too. I made two playsets for the awesome role playing game Fiasco some time ago and shared them on different pages, but not on my own website.

So, here they are!

Road Kill

A Fiasco Playset by Christine Roth

Cover art of "Road Kill", a Fiasco Playset. It shows a road at night with a stylized burning car in the distance.

The plan went alright up to now. You went for it, got what you wanted (you did, didn’t you!?) and left. Now the road is the place to be, putting some distance between the things that happened and yourself, hopefully on your way to a better life.

But can you really trust your “friends”?

And can they trust you?

Where No One Has Gone Before

A Fiasco Playset by Christine Roth

Cover art for the Fiasco Playset "Where No One Has Gone Before". It shows a black silhouette of a starship, perhaps the USS Enterprise, and stylized stars

Space – the final frontier. These are the adventures of some people in space, exploring planets, stars, galaxies – and making some really bad decisions on their way.

Hope you like them! If you do, please feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear about it!